30 / 08 / 19
006 : The Girdle of Hippolyte

Music Hackspace / Somerset House
New Wing - Room G16 | 18:30 - 21:00

006 / ☉ -> Virgo  /


Labours of Herakles

03 . 2019 - 02 . 2020 

Ritual: a technology to transform consciousness.

Join us for a series of participatory rituals, based on the 12 mythic Labours of Herakles. Forming part of an ongoing research and development project, we will consider the relationship between sound and movement performance, and altered states of consciousness.

The embodiment of each myth functions as an interface, to construct the components of ritual form, and to explore the subjective impact of

..trance inducing use of sound, movement, and symbolic narrative.

Each Labour of Herakles functions as narrative score, catalysing a dialogue between musicians and performers, facilitating an immersive experience of the myth.

These 12 Labours share significant parallels with the astronomical movement of the Sun, projected through the symbolism of the zodiacal constellations in a calendar year. Harnessing the cyclical changes in our natural environment as a basis for structure and objectivity, we explore the various parts within a psychospiritual, symbolic system of completion.

Each session of the laboratory focuses on balancing a sequential zodiacal energy. We begin with Aries - The Head (Thoughts), and work down to Pisces - The Feet (Deeds), utilising a variety of techniques that function as rites of passage. 

Through imposition of physical communal activity, we challenge the dissociative side-effects of increasingly disembodied tools, and consider the impacts of interface design on social interaction within our culture and creative practices.

Further, we critically analyse the role that social interface and intention has to play in inducing and facilitating altered states, as well as in presenting the context for creation and shared performance.

Harnessing the potential of consciously directed performance trance, to enable positive change on both an individual and collective level.


Nicole Bettencourt Coelho - sound. research.
(musician / hypnotist / sound therapist)

Antonio de la F
e - movement.
(dancer / choreographer / performer)

Martina Saorin - sound.
Alice Deville - sound.
Sim Gray - movement.
Jack Clearwater Clark - movement.
Rory Keys - movement, astrology.
Sophia Pettit - movement.
CYAN Assiter-Clark
- movement.

Previous Contributors:

Lily Lesser - movement.
Simone Campa - sound.
Vicky O’Neon - sound.
Ben Ashton - lighting.
Matthew Christensen - sound.

Mario Benedetti - incense.


An experimental laboratory of 12 events. No prior knowledge required. Everyone welcome!

We will begin each session by discussing the myth and it’s astrological symbolism.

Secondly we will share the structure of the ritual, and how the Labour will play out.

Lastly we will perform the myth together, and gather for feedback afterwards.

Instrumentation will vary, as we explore the intersection of traditional trance instruments and contemporary production tools.


Music Hackspace @ Somerset House
New Wing, Room G16

001 - 13 March 
002 - 23 April  
003 - 28 May 
004 - 25 June
005    31 July  

006 30 August

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