13 / 10 / 19
007 : The Labour of Libra

The Annex
13:30 - 18:00

007 / ☉ -> Libra  /

007. Labour of Libra

              The Seventh Gate opens, on many levels besides the first. In this sign of Libra, we traditionally encounter several things: balance, justice, relation to the other and liminality. In keeping with this feeling of the symbol, we will pull ourselves right out of the dream and reinterpret the archetype, collaboratively and through our own lenses. A blank canvas. Inviting ideas of achieving balance to come through. Creating an opportunity to dream in the space between. Allowing new realities right on the border of consciousness, to filter through into this one. A challenge of Libra is not to lose your authentic self as you enter the liminal, seeking to harmonise every aspect of the other sides.

            Libra. The Seventh Labour.